Caritas Landslide Relief  Papua New Guinea

Following a massive landslide on the 24 May of 2024 in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, an initial rapid assessment report from the UN has revealed extensive losses and damages to communities downhill, also destroying livelihoods and key infrastructure.
7,849 individuals from 1,427 households across two communities are affected with food security, clean and safe drinking water (as well as water tanks and purification tablets), and the provision of nonfood items such as utensils and clothes the top three priorities.
Sister John Mary, Secretary and Project Manageress of the Catholic Diocese of Wabag explained, “We have visited communities to deliver food and medicine to people who are digging their loved ones out of the earth. The shock and grief in these communities is profound, and among it all many have no home to return to, no food to eat, no clean water to drink or no clothes to wear.”
Please act now.
You can donate online at or phone 1800 024 413


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