Pietà – Lenten Program 2024

We have copies of the Pietà - Lenten Program 2024 available for $8.00 per copy. Embark on a transformative Lenten journey with Pietà, an 80-page (full-colour book) containing short daily reflections (from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday) perfect for individual devotional reading in addition to the longer-form Sunday Scripture readings, reflections, prayers, questions and visio divina that traditionally form part of Lenten group gatherings.
You are invited to reflect on the Sunday readings through art with the popular Monsignor Graham Schmitzer. This year’s program includes religious artworks from the Masters, there will also be visio divina (“divine seeing”)—an ancient form of Christian prayer in which we allow our hearts and imaginations to enter into a sacred image, in silence, to see what God might have to say to us.
As an additional treat, and at the request of the National Liturgical Commission, Monsignor Graham Schmitzer has written “A Conversation About Confession”, a short formational reflection on the beauty of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
If you would like a copy please see either Denis Golden or Fr Anthony.

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